In software,River Water Group is committed to providing overall solutions for waterworks, sewage plants, hydropower stations, pumping stations and other projects,Adopt full openness,Modular structure design,It is composed of computer monitoring system, microcomputer protection system, excitation speed control system, microcomputer speed control system, auxiliary machine control system, functional image monitoring system, etc.The system uses Ethernet or fieldbus to communicate with each other,The system has the characteristics of rapid construction, network stability and maintainability。

      The group now holds a number of software copyright certificates: generator automatic excitation control system;Computer monitoring system of hydropower station;Microcomputer protection system of hydropower station;Intelligent image monitoring system of hydropower station;Hydropower station integrated information management system;Intelligent digital substation system;Micro-point intelligent synchronous control system of hydropower station;Water plant integrated automatic control system;Ver.BH 2001 Line protection measurement and control software;Ver.BH 2002 Differential protection measurement and control software;Ver.BH 2003 generator backup protection measurement and control software;Ver.BH.2004 Transformer backup protection measurement and control software;Ver.LC.01 excitation measurement and control software;Ver.LC.02 excitation measurement and control software。

    Some examples of the Group's software sector:

    Meizhou city near river hydropower station

    Xinfeng River Wanlu lake power hydropower station

    Anxi hydropower Station, Fujian

    Huizhou Yuanzhou Town water plant one, two water plant closed circuit monitoring, alarm system project

    Huizhou Yuanzhou water supply company pipe network dispatching system

    Huaneng Haikou Power Station 2*330MW unit condensate pump frequency conversion energy-saving project

    Coca-Cola (Foshan) water storage and control management system project